GOLAN, Lucia and Jurjak – the headliners at MMB Showcase Festival


Mastering The Music Business (MMB) Showcase Festival, the festival that presents Romania’s and world’s rising artists will take place March 17-19th at Club Expirat. Golan, Lucia and Jurjak will be the festival’s headliners and artists from Norway, Latvia, Italy, Hungary and Romania were added in the line-up.

Each evening at MMB Showcase Festival la Club Expirat will have a headliner from Romania, as it follows:  GOLAN (17 March), Jurjak (18 March) and Lucia (19 March).

Besides them, over 20 bands will take part in the 5th festival’s edition:  A-C Leonte (Romania), Amadeus (Romania), Dagamba (Latvia), Marius Mihalache (Romania), Piqued Jacks (Italy), Rikke Normann (Norway) and yesyes (Hungary).

The tickets for the festival are in a limited number and are already in sale on  www.iabilet.ro and in the network IaBilet and cost RON 30 (for one night) and RON 60 (pass for the three evenings):  https://www.iabilet.ro/bilete-mmb-showcase-festival-52779/?q=mmb+sh

About the selected artists

A-C Leonte is one of the most creative artists representative for the contemporary jazz scene in Bucharest, but also for the underground electronic music. She studied jazz from which she borrowed the effervescence of the improvisation, the ludic approach and, in general, the freedom of speech. Combining in her music other modern influences such as hip-hop, dnb, dub or trip-hop, she created her distinct and profound style that she is permanently exploring in her compositions, in the orchestrations and as vocalist and instrumentalist (violin). 

Amadeus, a band with instruments with cords and a piano, one of the most liked music projects of its kind in the world. The combination of classical and modern elements brought the band among the most appreciated artists in the classical crossover music. Amadeus played on four continents until now, the band’s music being loved in Europe (France, Spain, Italy, UK),but also in the South America and Asia.

Dagamba creates a fusion between the musical culture in the Orient and the one in  Occident, modelling a penetrating and unique sound.In concerts they combine the world music with the rock, the pop and the classical music – daring to step on unexplored musical territories and creating a dynamic and full of color show. After the band’s launch in Latvia in 2011 by the musician and  academician Valters Puce (cello), he was joined by his childhood friend Anton Trocjuks (cello).

Marius Mihalache is one of the most known Romanian dulcimer interpret. Born in Bucharest in a family of musicians, he first time tried the dulcimer when he was four, at his father’s encouragement. In 2017 he launched his most recent Balkan music project, „Săftiță”, in which he tells his life and talks about his gypsy heritage on which he build his cultural and musical foundation. 

Launched in 2006, Piqued Jacks is the band of some brothers that grew up together in the picturesque Buggiano, near Florence, in Italy. „Piqued” means “interested”, but at the same time direct, spontaneous, visceral. The band’s recent album was produced by Dan Weller (Enter Shikari, Young Guns) in a manor from the eighteen century, transformed into a recording studio, especially for them.

Rikke Normann is a modern singer and composer, with a voice with soul inflections and a pop nucleus. In 2019 she launched her third album called „35”. Recorded live, in one session, the album was very well received both in her country and outside it. With her emotions on full scene,  Rikke Normann only needs a piano in order to attract the attention and to charm the public with her special style of talking about feelings. 

yesyes believe in the power of telling yes to the good things in life: their positive thoughts brought them to the finale of the competition DAL with the song „I Let You Run Away”, that reached 4 million views on YouTube in 2018. In 2019, the two toured with one of Hungary’s best bands, BRAINS, and also played on the biggest outdoor scene, in Budapest Park.