Cresta, in global search for best creative culture with Creative Business Awards

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Cresta’s innovative new Creative Business Awards aim to find, analyse and celebrate the most valued places to work. Although hard to define and often hotly debated, agency culture is an intangible asset that can be of huge value to the business and, when really working, to the wider society.

According to Cresta’s management team, top creatives as well as big brands are often attracted to a business’s culture as much as to its actual work output.

The award-winning successes of major shops known for their unique culture supports this view. But these awards are the first time, Cresta believes, that agencies from around the world will be
able to pitch their work style, their vision and their values in a global awards format.

Launched in February, the awards are part of the reshaping of Cresta, according to its President, Alan Page.

The Cresta name originates from the words creative standards, and we are committed to broadening our remit to cover standards not just in the myriad media options now available to clients and creatives but also to include the evolution of the industry itself.

Experience tells us that the way a company works, how it treats it staff and clients, its inner values and its vision are key components. They are fundamental to building an environment in which people can be creatively brave, confident, innovative and, most of all, effective.

The new awards will search out and celebrate the most exciting creative businesses and promote their success across global markets as part of Cresta’s new Creative Standards Review.

Winning one of our Creative Business trophies is, of course, a brilliant outcome for any entrant (…) However, we want to deliver more. In today’s hugely competitive and evolving market, we believe the real, long-term value will come from how we communicate our winner’s skills and attributes to clients and the creative community as a whole.

We know there are some wonderful company cultures out there that need to be better recognized, understood and learned from. So please tell us about yourself! 

Lewis Blackwell, 

CEO Cresta 

There are three main categories in these new awards – Culture, Workplace and Activism – and entries will be judged in varying business size sub-categories covering small as well as large scale

Entry to the new awards is free to any company submitting at least one entry into Cresta’s main creative awards. For further information see or contact