Startup tips: How to structure a business proposal

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You might have the perfect answer to a client’s needs, but without a beautifully written proposal- they may never know it. When you write a business proposal you must articulate all of the game changing solutions that your company alone can bring to the table. So how exactly should you structure a business proposal?


The basic structure of your business proposal 

Creating a business proposal is all about using the right structure. Remember that the proposal recipient will be looking for certain things in your proposal, and it’s your job to adhere to all of these areas. Firstly you’ll need to include the appropriate information about your company. Talk about who you are in terms of your operations, your values, and what makes you unique. It’s crucial to get across why the client should choose you instead of one of your competitors. 

The next step is to demonstrate your research, show the client that you know exactly what they need. They should feel confident that you can solve the problem they are having, and drive their success. Thirdly, you will need to set out your methodology, tell the client how you plan to solve their issue, then outline your pricing. Let’s take a look at this structure in a little more detail.   

1 . A Title Page  

Your title page should have all your basic info from your company logo to your name, contact info, plus the name of your client. Choose an appropriate title for your proposal and also include the date. 

2.A Cover Letter 

Now comes the part where you formally introduce yourself, include a brief intro to your business, your background and history, then give a summary of why you are the best company for the job. This section should be short and engaging and you should also invite the reader to reach out to you with any questions they may have. 

3.A Table Of Contents 

Thirdly, you should include a table of contents to show your client the sections which your document will cover. When producing an electronic doc you can make this table clickable for ease of use. 

4.The Proposal 

Here is your chance to impress your client and get them on board. You should go into detail about which kind of solution you are proposing. Talk about your methods, your desired outcome and approximately how long each stage of the project will take. Again, when you are writing this section it’s vital that you are always addressing your clients needs. 


In this section you can go into more detail about the methodology you will use to deliver the proposal. Here should be where you really delve into the specifics. To write this section well you will need to anticipate which questions your client will have, and answer these. This is also where you should dive into the specifics of the timeframes. 

When it comes to crafting a great business proposal it’s a wise move to use a business proposal template, to help you create the right look and structure. Remember, your client will likely have many other proposals to read. It’s crucial to ensure that yours stands out for the right reasons. To succeed in a crowded market, setting yourself apart from the crowd is paramount.