Robert Ghita takes part in Creative Express 2020


For the ninth edition of Creative Express, taking place April 17-19, ADC Europe succeeds in mobilize 33 young European creatives into the competition #ViralCreativeExpress in order to find solutions for fighting the crisis created by Covid-19. Robert Ghita (Cheil | Centrade) was selected to be part of the European creative elite, therefore representing ADC Romania in this year’s competition. 

In this context the educational program will take place for the first time online. The candidates in the 16 European countries will have two days and a half at their disposal to resolve the brief. Sunday evening they will present live their final ideas on the Zoom platform.

I believe in creativity even beyond advertising, the proof being that I am here and without open-bars and travel opportunity. For me is problem-solving, something that I have been doing even before entering the industry. It’s something that I loved to do and that folded on a field. Moreover, the Easter is practically cancelled, therefore I am happy to be here and to have the opportunity of growing and knowing cool people. Glad to be here, even more excited to get started,” said Robert Ghita, Copywriter, Cheil | Centrade.

The workshop will have more working groups and the young talents will enjoy all the way of the process the mentorship  of prestigious Creative Directors: Amir Kassaei (C14torce), Marjorieth Sanmartin (TBWA \ Germany), Hannes Böker (Red Bull Global Consumer Products), Charlotte Bufler (The Wunderwaffe), Michael Stiebel (Production Advisory Group — PAG), Marcelo Lourenço (Coming Soon Lisboa) and Juliana Paracencio (Ogilvy UK).

Robert Ghita is Copywriter at Cheil | Centrade, former Art Director and passionate by tech and digital.