The Humblebrag expands its scope by hiring Marit de Hoog as Impact Marketing Manager

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Amsterdam based thought leadership agency The Humblebrag announces a new hire – Marit de Hoog has started as Impact Marketing Manager. Marit de Hoog joins managing partners Lucy von Sturmer and Jessica Hartley to help drive a new area of expertise at the agency.

Marit will build on The Humblebrag’s offering, using earned media influence and owned content strategy to increase the visibility and impact of change-makers, creative innovators and brands. As Impact Marketing Manager she will be responsible for increasing the agency’s societal, cultural and environmental impact. As well as expanding the agency’s digital offering and building commercially effective marketing impact campaigns for The Humblebrag’s clients.

The Humblebrag was founded by New Zealander Lucy von Sturmer in 2017 with a firm commitment to business as a force for good by amplifying the voices and visibility of business leaders driving progress.

In 2019, Jessica Hartley, originally from London and based in Amsterdam for 15 years, joined The Humblebrag as Managing Partner. Her goal is to enhance the agency’s proposition: amplifying the impact of the world’s best brands, creative agencies, artists and NGOs by using the power of ideas, opinions and creativity to change mindsets and influence opinion.

Marit has joined to support the increased scope. Directly before joining The Humblebrag, Marit worked at Zoku HQ in Amsterdam as International Relations and Partnership Manager. Prior to this she spent four years working with artist, photographer and philanthropist Jimmy Nelson, where she was Head of PR and Partnerships. During this time, Marit was in charge of the marketing and commercial strategy of two best-selling books and countless exhibitions and campaigns – helping to raise Nelson’s profile exponentially.

In addition to her new position, Marit is a Goalkeeper for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, helping to build a community working towards the UN Goals for sustainable Development, and is on the Board of Trustees for the Jimmy Nelson Foundation.

Marit de Hoog, The Humblebrag, says:

“Over the past few years I have watched The Humblebrag grow and the mission and vision really aligns with my own goals: to champion a more diverse, inclusive and sustainable world by casting the right talent, ideas and creative work in the spotlight. I worked with Jessica during my time at Jimmy Nelson, and I’ve experienced first-hand the impact we can make together. I know it’s a tricky moment globally right now, but our proposition driving forward a new and better world is more relevant than ever.”

Jessica Hartley, Managing Partner, The Humblebrag says:

“It might seem counter-intuitive to expand our agency and build a bigger team with the financial instability deepening, but the truth is that the post-COVID-19 world is likely to look quite different and we expect to see a great deal of accelerated change. People will have new expectations around business and what role it plays in society and the environment. I joined The Humblebrag to help drive change in the industry. Evidently this is happening sooner than expected.”

The Humblebrag is an impact-driven thought leadership agency and editorial platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of change-makers and creative innovators.

Working with some of Europe’s best creative agencies, brands, artists and NGOs, we use the power of ideas, opinions and creativity to challenge the status quo and create positive impact. In recent months, The Humblebrag has evolved into a hybrid agency/coaching model, running a new training workstream with the launch of online courses. Recent projects include Safety Jackets Zipped The Other Way – artist Ai Weiwei’s recent collaboration with Berlin agency HEIMAT and working with MediaMonks and NGO RSF on The Uncensored Library – a mass press censorship loophole hidden in Minecraft.