Neogen Capital invests €500,000 in RPA developed by MissionCritical start-up

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Neogen Capital investment fund invests €500,000 in the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology developed by MissionCritical. The start-up that creates software robots to fast automate processes in big companies is evaluated to over €5M after this financing round. The investment will be mainly used to fast develop the RPA platform and increase the operational team.

With the tech created by MissionCritical, companies have the option to recruit, besides human resource, also digital accessible work force, as reusable software robots. This tech based on AI has the role to fast execute different repetitive processes that can be standardized and automated in order to save time for employees and allow them to focus on more complex activities.

We are treating the most important problem if the traditional RPA industry – big investments and an uncertain time horizon until the moment the efficientization of process starts. Clients’ expectations are completely different, they wish they can automate business processes in a short time and our business model comes to help them, accelerating the use of the software robots inside companies

Mario Popescu,

CEO MissionCritical

Among the companies already using MissionCritical in Romania are Ana Hotels, Athénée Palace Hilton, Courtyard by Marriot or Xerox România. The company also has strategic partnerships with  Bit Soft, Bittnet, Microsoft and Neogen.

We are assisting to a dramatic change of the work process we knew until now. The companies will survive through making their processes more efficient, adapting as they evolve and using as efficient and as creative all the resources, human and digital. The brier digital – non-digital is thinner and thinner. To survive, you have to use technology

Călin Fusu,

CEO Neogen