Lidl and Mullen celebrate the icecream lovers in the new Gelatelli campaign


Lidl and Mullen Romania launched the first campaign during the work from home regime, for the Gelatelli icecream brand, starting from an unique insight: the manner in which Romanians prefer to eat the icecream.

During this difficult pandemic times, small pleasures compensate the discomfort of the social distancing. A Google report shows that the number of searches for “icecream” on Google grew significantly starting March. That is why  Lidl și Mulle welcome icecream lovers with a campaign bringing them into the spotlight, no matter the flavor they prefer.

We started from a fact that exists in any family or group of friends: each has a habit, a ritual, when starting a box of icecream. And besides showing the differences, we chose to highlight them and say that “the correct way to eat icecream is as you like it”. And because Gelatelli means many sortments, for all tastes, any icecream lover has big chances to find the favorite taste

Vladi Paunescu,

Senior Copywriter Mullen Romania 

Moreover, the campaign is also unique when it comes of the way in which it was developed, namely with all teams working from home, with meetings and brainstormings on Teams and with an integral execution of the TV ad in 3D animation. Together with Lidl team, we focused to find the best solution to launch and develop the campaign and, in the end, we managed to create together an micro-universe of icecream lovers: two familie who share their own way of enjoying icecream together

Mario Niculae,

Senior Art Director Mullen România.

The TV ad was made with CGI 3D animation and can be watched here. The campaign is also present online.