Mango man celebrates innovation in new Spring-Summer collection

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London-based creative production company, Builders Club, worked with Conor Cronin agency to bring the new MANGO Man Spring-Summer collection to life. The exciting new campaign, based around technical fabrics turns into a manifestation of innovation and breaking boundaries.

Builders Club worked on the production and execution of the spot from script writing, direction, film production and 3D animation to post production. Having full creative freedom, the creative production company envisaged the inspiring new collection and portrayed its tactile perception, focusing on an authentic film look.

Designed for an urban, fast-paced lifestyle, the new collection is for those who work hard and play hard. It is for the bold and daring, travellers who never stop. With the bold statement, narrated throughout the film: “Wait for no one, question everything, make a mess, take risks, and fix what’s broken, face the unfamiliar, breathe, the best is yet to come be ready for the future!”, the audience is imminently brought into the picture and urged to take action.

Directed by Julien Simshauser, founder of Builders Club, all the live action in the spot was shot in Cape Town. The creative team depicted a captivating world of possibilities, tweaking reality in an artful way.

The story revolves around three different men. All living and working in equally fast-paced environments, the 60″ spot splices the lives of each man, creating quick vignettes which echo the speed at which technology is moving them through life. In one of the scenes, the protagonist enters inside a VR world in which he is surrounded by automotive parts. The addition of CGI elements into the narrative exhibits the vision of the  “technical innovator”. A procedural 3D software is used to simulate the 3D heads that stand for the technical and creative spirit of the Mango Man.

Julien Simshauser, Creative Director and Founder commented:

“Due to the technical fabrics used in this collection – the campaign film turned into a manifesto to innovate and break boundaries. We could see that the narrative of each character should reflect the fast-moving technological age in which they live and work. We wanted to apply CG and VFX in an artful way to support that story. “

Client: Mango

  • Agency: Conor Cronin
  • Direction: Builders Club
  • Digital Art & Design: Builders Club
  • Production Company: Builders Club

MANGO was founded in 1984 and is today one of the leading fashion groups in the world.Based in its city of origin, Barcelona, the company has an extensive store network of 2,200 stores (over 800,000 m2) in 109 countries.