Publishers up their game with “Explore More”, Project Agora’s new Native Content Feature

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Publishers have a new tool in their monetization arsenal with the launch of Project Agora’s new Native Content Feature, Explore More.

“Explore More” is designed to make mobile users, who are coming onto a publisher’s site from Social Media and apps stay longer on the site. The way it does that is by re-engaging them before they exit, providing relevant content recommendations.

Explore More has an impressive performance, both on smartphone and tablet. Its adaptation on a site brings an average of 60% RPM (Revenue per Thousand Pageviews) uplift and 100% organic CTR uplift on smartphone, and 45% RPM uplift and 30% organic CTR uplift on tablet.

It is very easy to add the Explore More feature on a website, for those publishers already working with Project Agora. Project Agora’s expert team undertakes all of the process and there is no work required from the publisher to start seeing immediate results.

More than 34 of Project Agora’s publishers in Romania, such as and, have already upped their game by implementing Explore More on their mobile websites. In their battle to retain users for as long as possible and increase ad-revenues, Explore More is a no-brainer, quick win for publishers

Adrian Motirlichie,

Project Agora’s Country Manager in Romania