Altex Romania and UniCredit Bank S.A. contribute to the improvement of intensive care units of hospitals in Romania

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Altex Romania announces that UniCredit Bank S.A. joins the #Together campaign. The financial institution joins the initiative which aims to provide 30 beds in intensive care sections of Romanian hospitals with state-of-the-art monitors and fans.

UniCredit Bank S.A. donates EUR 70.000 to make the state-of-the-art equipment available to hospitals facing an acute need for such facilities. The #Together campaign, launched by Altex Romania and Altex Foundation in April, is supported by the Ministry of Health. The equipment that will be purchased was analyzed, selected and validated by doctors and specialists, part of which are members of the COVID-19 clinical and epidemiological management Commission, within the Ministry of Health.

The equipment installation will be carried out in line with the recommendations of the Health Ministry. Altex Romania, with the support of the partners involved in the campaign, is committed to bring specialists from China in order to train the medical staff in Romania on how to use modern-generation fans without compressor.

It’s times like these that make us truly grasp the importance of joining forces to make a change. We are glad that UniCredit decided to join this project that has a major stake for the Romanian medical system. Together we can help access the latest technologies for hospitals across the country”, stated Dan Ostahie, CEO and founder Altex Romania.

We are happy to join the campaign lead by Altex, a strategic partner to UniCredit in Romania, that has undertaken the role to provide intensive care facilities with state-of-the-art medical technology. This initiative is intended to complement the actions that out company has taken in the last months in order to support the community”, added Rasvan Radu, CEO UniCredit Bank.

How to support the #Together campaign

Those who want to get involved and donate can enter site, in the Donăm #împreună section. The value of a donation starts at RON 10. The collected amounts are updated daily and can be checked on the site. For the equipment of 30 hospital beds with high-performance intensive care devices, EUR 952.000 are needed. With this amount will be purchased:

  • 30 VG70 fans (estimated delivery at end of August, beginning of September) – EUR 714.000, including VAT;
  • 30 COMEN C90 monitors (estimated delivery at end of April) – EUR 238.000, including VAT.

Every donation counts

The #Together campaign is initiated by Altex Romania and the Altex Foundation, supported by the Ministry of Health, with the participation of Altex clients and partners, who understand that everything will be fine if we work #together and only through #solidarity.

To date, Altex donated equipment and equipment worth EUR 162.000, amount supported by own funds*:

  • 7 COMEN C90 intensive Care Unit monitors – EUR 60.000
  • 000 FFP2 masks – EUR 52.817
  • 100 laptops for the IGPR operational center coordinating field activity – EUR 25.000
  • 130 performance smartphones technically adapted for the operational center of the IGPR coordinating the field activity- EUR 21.500
  • 26 desk seats for the operational center within IGPR that coordinates field activity – EUR 2.707

*as reported by Altex