#startups: xpresscups launched in Bucharest, targeting specialty coffee enthusiasts 

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xpresscups is a new subscription service dedicated to specialty coffee enthusiasts. The subscribers will receive their favorite coffee at home, each month, along with instructions regarding the preparation and the opportunity to be part of a dedicated community.

The Romanian startup xpresscups was founded by Catalin Modorcea and started from passion for specialty coffee and desire to promote its specific qualities.

Just launched, xpresscups works as a subscription system in which users can select one or more packages that will be delivered to them on monthly basis. For now, the selection include 4 specialty coffee, delivered as beans or freshly grounded. The options include 2 assortments of specially roasted coffee, suited to be prepared as brew (filter, pot, V60, chemex, moka pot) – Rwanda Brew, Ethiopia Brew and 2 assortments of roasted coffee for espresso and espresso based recipes – Kenya Espresso and Roasters Espresso.

I wanted my first business to be based on a product I am very passioned about and which I consume fondly every day. Moreover, I wish a business that will include the values I hold dear and that is what I am trying to integrate now: efficient communication with clients, developing an active community of passionate people and serious attention to the quality of all sold products

Catalin Modorcea

Founder xpresscups

The subscription packages are flexible and the coffee can also be bought separately, not just subscription-based. The users can choose to order, on the same platform, cups or customized t-shirts with the illustrations of a Romanian designer.

Moreover, xpresscups aims to create a community for specialty coffee lovers that are subscribed to the delivery service. The role of the community will be to bring together people interested by novelties in the field, but also to educate and inspire. The members of the community will benefit by special offers, discounts and will be the first to find out the news announced by xpresscups.

In the beginning of May, xpresscups attracted an initial investment of 10.000 euro from Narcis Nedelcu, funds to be used for promotion and development.

I believed in this model of innovative business from the very first second. I am very happy with the choice I made and I believe in the success of the business

Narcis Nedelcu

Catalin Modorcea is the founder of xpresscups, has over 7 years of experience in Digital Marketing, is the ambassador for Upwork in Romania for two years, being the one raising the freelancers community active on the mentioned platform.-