Sector 7 and WOPA launch the integrated video content division “Sector 7 HUB”

Advertising, Digital & Media

Sector 7, in partnership with WOPA, launched the business division Sector 7 HUB, an integrated entity for the development of video content in digital, based on three key pillars: branded content (creation and video production), consultancy in developping the brand’s digital presence and the entertainment for digital platforms (ex: Sector 7).

Sector 7 comes with the experience in content development and WOPA with the advertising experience, therefore the new entity Sector 7 HUB has resources and integrated competences in creating 360o content for the communication industry (branded series, digital TVCs, podcasts), educational content (financial education, general culture, school program) and tv and movie entertainment.

The HUB-ul is a one-stop shop for agencies and brands equally, with a clear mission – the developping of relevant online content both for the client and the public.  Sector 7 HUB is inspired by similar foreign examples where teams of experienced advertising teams of freelancers are put at the table with directors, profucers from several production houses and content creators, coordinated by an AV in order to find the best video solution for a single spot, a flight, or a campaign a year,” said Alex Cotet, Sector 7.

The Existance of the HUB follows the vision and the developping strategy of WOPA, of building relevant solutions for brands and consumers. This HUB is a sinergy through which we combine the advertising expertize withthe contentdevelopping one, we come with an integrated services’ approach, with a record proven track and with access to relevant resources, depending on the project. The team is formed from a mix of in-house people and collaborators with specific expertize. We are very happy thatwe found in Alex a partner that, alongside a mountain of expertize, he understands the consumers, the brands’ needs of connecting withthem and sharring the values of #nobullshitadvertising. We propose ourselves to continue the vision of Sector 7 as well, that of maintaining the focus in developping the content on Sector 7’s YouTube channel”, said Ionut Datcu, founder WOPA.

The collaboration WOPA – Sector 7 comes after the campaign created in 2019 with the Romanian Beer Producers’ Association “Fara Alcool La Volan” (No alcohol while driving)– O mama la nevoie se cunoaște, was well received by the public and received awards in the digital comms industry.