Effie Awards Romania go digital for the 17th edition

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Effie Awards Romania announced its 17th edition will be digital, with the entry period starting in the end of August and lasting until October, with 3 participation deadlines. The 2 judging rounds and the awards gala are scheduled to take place in November.

Initially planned for June, Effie Awards Romania faced delays caused by the actual context. Given the delays, the organizing committee planned digitalizing the competition, starting from the way to enter the work, judging process and also explored ways to organize online the awards gala. The platform where the entries can be submitted is Effie Worldwide one, with tests, simulations and training sessions for the project team being run at the moment. The launch is scheduled for the end of August, once with the launch of the Call for Entries.

Mihai Barsan, president Effie organizing committee:

We are in a year of changes, in which we can define the new normal or let the new normal define us.

First of all, by deciding to continue the competition in 2020, we give a signal that advertising matters: it mattered before the pandemic, it matters during it and will matter after also, as one of the fundamental growth engines. The successful campaigns will be awarded and will continue to inspire new investments, new achievements in the future, contributing to maintaining a virtuous cycle of economic growth.

Secondly, it is time for Effie to accelerate its evolution. We started before the pandemic with gathering all Effie winners from the last 3 years in a consulting group – Effie Winners Forum, an essential step in achieving a superior credibility and balance level. We are now continuing with digitalization. The cases will be entered online, the judging will take place online, the awards gala will be digital.

Also, digitalization will allow a substantial diminishing of the costs, which we transfer mainly to the IAA and UAPR member agencies, by reducing the participation fees”

The digitalization of the competition comes with a number of improvements when it comes of filling in the competition forms and the presentation of the creative materials.