VKRS 2020 takes place November 19th

Digital & Media

Today’s world is digital and connected through screens and video is the king format. We already live in a video era, but who are its creators and how do we do to be “on air” and not “out of breath”?

VKRS is the first festival dedicated to video, organized by the Biz and Screen Native teams. On November 19th one meets online creators, directors, brands, artists, vloggers, professionals and enthusiast people at the same time.

We are always looking towards the future and we want to bring foreground the people and the ideas that are shaping our world. As the future is video, it was natural to put in the Biz focus this field and to do it in an innovative format,” said Marta Usurelu, Owner Biz.

Video Killed The Radio Star

The mysterious acronym VKRS comes from Video Killed The Radio Star, the famous 80’s song, an impact metaphor that this format has today over the culture of Internet and a n acknowledgment of video’s present supremacy as a message carrier. The video is the format that entertains us, units us, educates us and through which we communicate the best. No matter if it’s short lived, squared, live or edited, professional or personal, long or short, animated or shot, we meet all at the biggest festival dedicated to video: VKRS.

We started with the thought that we wanted to encourage and to reward the YouTube content creator, the vloggers. But we went further, we reached the video and we built more around the essence of now, precisely that the video is the main media format that supports today the experience, the entertainment, the businesses and the education, and from here the was only a step until we reached the idea of an event that is built around the video and to offer information and interesting and up-to-date experiences for those who can benefit of this format,” said Mugur Patrascu, co-organizer VKRS.

VKRS means a 12 hours’ festival that sums up discussions, presentations, video clips and interviews of over 100 specialists in this format, artists, content creators, marketing people, entrepreneurs, about the evolution, the trends and, especially, the manners in which we can efficiently use today the video format for our objectives.

With the help of the video format one can see, among others, Mircea Bravo – vlogger, Cabral Ibacka – TV producer, influencer and entrepreneur, Mickey H – creator and producer, Iulia Albu – Instagram influencer, Nicole Cherry – TikToker and singer, Razvan Exarhu – journalist, George Buhnici – journalist & vlogger, Raul Gheba – creator Sector 7, Bogdan Naumovici – 23 Communications, Cristian Delcea – co-founder Recorder, Vali Pintilescu – YouTube Content Stategist, Alex Coteț – movie director, screenwriter and producer, Ion “Lutzu” Cojocaru – Content Director, MRM//McCann, Laura Savu – Global Community Manager at TikTok.

At the end of the day, VKRS will award in a live gala the performance in using video by the local content creators, those who were the pioneers of using the format or the ones that demonstrate today a skill recognized by their communities or bring results in the industry.

VKRS Gala 2020 will award the Vloggers of the Year, the best video creators in different fields (entertainment, education, fashion & beauty, gaming, tech, auto etc.), but also rising stars, the future stars of the video era.

The event is broadcasted LIVE on Biz’s and Screen Native’s Facebook page.

The first festival’s edition has as main partner Lidl and is also supported by Telekom, Banca Transilvania, OPPO, TikTok, answear, Campofrio, foodpanda, OVN and TopVloguri.ro.