Recolamp and Bebe Cotimanis send powerful message through the Planet 21 campaign


For 2021, the challenge is to be more aware that our actions have an impact. Everyone can contribute with small gestures and create positive energy around them, to start the new year in a good note. It’s up to us to change the world for the better! This is the message of the Recolamp association for the end of the year, through Planeta 21 campaign, focused on the selective collection of waste from lighting equipment.

Recolamp gives a message to all home users, but also to small and medium companies and multinationals, to be more responsible in terms of environment and to think twice of our actions, for a greener future. The action comes to multiply a message addressed previously, “Transform the light bulbs into opportunities for education”, more precisely, through the light bulbs collected selectively to reconnect to education the children from rural areas, through the Narada EDUBox project, offering them digital first-aid kits which include laptops and tablets. Recolamp is a partner of this project and donates until January 14, 58 lei for every 200 light bulbs collected selectively at the collection points.

“Perhaps our days would be a little better if we chose differently every day. More responsible. With more concern for the planet, for the present moment. Bring it to Recolamp! For Planet 21! ” is part of the spot of this campaign amplified nationally by the voice of Bebe Cotimanis.

I did not hesitate for a second to accept this collaboration with Recolamp, when their cause is so important for all of us. I am a citizen of this country, I care about our future, I know how important it is for us to do something here and now. Our involvement has an impact. And I hope that this message will reach as many people as possible, that we will no longer leave waste all over, but will collect it selectively. Now that we have this beautiful cause, the Narada project, and the children from the disadvantaged communities we donate to, it helps even more for all to mobilize and do good deeds. Let’s start the New Year with good energy!”, said Bebe Cotimanis.

Anca Lupusavei, marketing director of Recolamp, said:

We are delighted to be able to amplify the message of the Planet 21 campaign through the unmistakable voice of Bebe Cotimanis and we hope it will be an impactful action, just as everyday of our actions have an impact on the environment. Let’s be more responsible, to care more about the environment we live in and to want to save the year 2020, to forget the bad ones, to compensate with beautiful gestures, small deeds, but with so much importance for all of us. We know that you also want a good 2021 year, on positive energy, so let’s build it together!”

Anyone can bring the light bulbs to the collection points and contribute to the cause. The ColțVerde mobile application provides users with a map with all the collection points developed by Recolamp at a national level. It is available and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.