After listing at the stock exchange, MAM Bricolaj launches its own YouTube show

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MAM Bricolaj, Romanian business specialized in selling materials and furniture accessories and connected products, furniture bricolage and offering services in furniture design, comes after a 2020 in which it registered one of the most important accomplishments: getting listed at the stock exchange. Therefore, the company starts 2021 with big plans.

Cristian Găvan, owner MAM Bricolaj, said:

We are all coming after a period in which we all rethought, reevaluated and rearranged the working or living space. Therefore, we started to compose and produce our first own arranging show through which we want to show that there are ways and ingenious solutions also for the people with a limited budget. The diversity of our products and the needs of our clients determined me to directly get involved in this project, just as we did with the Furniture School MAM Bricolaj.

The show “Interior Design with Small Budgets” will be will be broadcasted on the company’s own YouTube channel.

During the episodes, Cristian Găvan will have alongside him Camelia Radu, experienced designer. The two of them will show from where we need to start when we want to change something in the house, what is useful to have in mind, the quality of the products and the planning solutions or how to optimize any space. One will be able to see what a complete design means.  

Cristian Găvan.

We want to offer concrete planning examples, in a practical manner, easy to see and understand by everyone. We chose YouTube as platform for the easiness of the search and of the access. We are preoccupied with offering our clients diverse and additional experiences to our business. We continue to take MAM Bricolaj in the digital era, step by step,”