Covatic appoints industry heavyweight and ex-BBC strategy head as it readies itself for further growth

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Covatic, a fast-growing technology company who deliver exceptional in-app experiences by identifying when, where and how each individual can engage with content – all without needing to expose personal data – has readied itself for its next phase of growth by hiring Daniel Pike as Chief Product Officer.

Daniel joins Covatic at the start of April and brings 20 years’ experience in media, and will be focused on refining the product and delivering value to clients whilst expanding Covatic’s offering as it moves into new markets.

As Head of Strategy at the BBC, Daniel led the strategic case for a transformational shift in the BBC’s £1.4bn commercial activities, including the launch of subscription video on demand (SVOD) offers in the UK and USA, the closure of BBC Store and the acquisition of UKTV. He has been behind numerous channel and service launches and, most recently, developed approaches to improve the BBC’s performance across the UK’s nations and regions, particularly out of London.

His blend of strategic, editorial, technical, business and management experience will help to turbocharge the Birmingham and London-based start-up as it scales rapidly.

Daniel comments:

“What really marks Covatic out—and what really attracted me to them—is that they reject the idea that fantastic in-app experiences can only be achieved via compromises to privacy. My focus, as ever, will be on customer and end user requirements – generating insights; creating definable, measurable and targetable user groups; driving retention and growing engagement. Covatic’s offering is unique in the market. I’m looking forward to working closely with clients to drive growth by creating engaging experiences for consumers.”

Nick Pinks, CEO of Covatic, adds: “

Daniel’s unique blend of skills and knowledge make him a key leader for us as we ready ourselves for this critical next stage in our journey. Together with the team, we will develop a compelling strategy and roadmap for the Covatic suite of products, taking our proposition to the next level.”

Covatic creates the tech, data and tools to drive targeted and engaging in-app experiences on mobile devices while maintaining an absolute guarantee of user privacy. Using integrating proprietary technology within a host app, Covatic is able to target users with contextualised, timely messages based on their known behaviours and preferences, ensuring communication is impactful and effective, driving engagement, acquisition and retention.