5 Steps To Level Up Your Business Cyber Security

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Cybersecurity threats are drastically increasing, all businesses and individuals are vulnerable without protection. In 2020, there were more cybersecurity attacks than ever before. According to Varonis, there were as many as 192,000 coronavirus-related cyberattacks per week in May 2020 alone.’ To protect your business it’s important to level up your cybersecurity protection.

1 . Train Your Team

According to Influencive, ‘approximately 88 percent of all data breaches are caused by an employee mistake.’ With this in mind, it’s important to provide your team with the right training. Staff should receive training on all types of security threats, including phishing, malware, ransomware, and denial of service. Teams should be taught how to practice good password hygiene, and how to respond to security threats.

2. Managed IT Services

Managed IT companies provide a range of services, they can help a business to improve their IT systems and offer troubleshooting around the clock. Managed service providers can assist with backup, security, updates, and more. If you’re looking to improve your IT security system, it’s a great idea to work with a managed IT service. Technology can support businesses in so many ways whether it’s a user-friendly website or chatbots for customer service.

3. Security Audit 

A security audit is a process that tests your IT security systems. IT professionals can hack your system, to find weaknesses and issues. Once the issues have been established, your IT consultant can offer solutions. A security audit is beneficial in many ways including:

  • Test if your IT security is sufficient.
  • Find extraneous software or hardware.
  • Establish unnecessary resources.
  • Update security systems.
  • Find flaws in the system.

4. Multi-Factor Authentication

ZDNet reported that ‘a multi-factor authentication solution blocks 99.9% of unauthorized login attempts, even if hackers have a copy of a user’s current password.’

MFA means that there are several different identification layers, to gain access to an online system. These authentication methods include biometric trait testing, SMS codes, and passwords. With the use of MFA, businesses can be sure that the right users access their networks.

5. Password Managers

A password manager is a type of software application, it’s used to store the passwords for all of your online accounts. Users log in with one master password, and can then access all the others. There are many benefits of using a password manager system including:

  • Users can create more complex passwords.
  • Improved account security.
  • There’s only one password to remember.
  • Passwords are stored inside an encrypted software app.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can improve your security. Cybercriminals are always adopting more advanced tactics, which is why businesses need the right protection. Business leaders should keep up to date with cyber security trends. Due to the increasing threat levels, cybersecurity roles are in high demand. Individuals interested in a cybersecurity career can earn an excellent salary, in a fast-growing sector. For more info take a look at masters in cyber security online

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