Ribbet launches Ribbet.ai, a suite of free AI-powered photo editing tools

Digital & Media, Start Up

Australian photo editing app Ribbet has launched a series of AI-powered photo editing tools available through their website Ribbet.ai. These new tools are currently free to use and help users edit, reimagine and fine-tune their images through Artificial Intelligence and download them at high quality.

Ribbet is a globally scaled photo editing platform that supports the creative process of millions of photographers, business owners, and hobbyists. Its toolkit accommodates a variety of editing needs for both beginners and professionals, making it easier for them to edit designs for social media, web, and print.

Through the newly launched Ribbet.ai service, the platform has taken a natural step in staying attuned to its customers’ dynamic needs.

The new series of tools allows creatives to easily:

  • Remove backgrounds professionally
  • Cartoonise images for a playful yet sophisticated result
  • Colourise black & white images
  • Use the Deep Dream vision algorithm to find and exaggerate patterns, for a dream-like appearance
  • Stylise images to take on the style of renowned artworks
  • Clarify and upscale small pictures with improved quality
  • Detect faces and the coordinates of all major facial features
  • Download their artworks for free, at very high quality

Furthermore, Ribbet.ai users are able to upload and edit their own photos or search through demo images thanks to a seamless Unsplash integration.

“Artificial Intelligence can enhance everything we do in photo editing, empowering us to be more creative, productive, and balanced. It’s essential for us to stay at the forefront of the latest technology and offer solutions that boost our clients’ enthusiasm and save them valuable time. The background removal feature, for example, has been extremely well received and we’re thrilled to meet our community’s needs with as many new innovations as possible. It’s the best way for us to grow our community.” Ben Meisner, Founder of Ribbet.

Ribbet is a photo editing platform launched in 2012. It allows for the quick and easy creation of eye-catching designs for social media, web, and print. There are over 2 million registered users of Ribbet around the world. Ribbet offers both a free and a paid premium plan and is available on desktop and mobile devices.