InnoVision Marketing Group launches new Hispanic division – InnoVision Espanol

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In their continued efforts in emerging as a national advertising agency, San Diego-based InnoVision Marketing Group has launched InnoVision Español, adding to their portfolio of in-house services that include digital media, traditional media, web development, design, public relations, film production and more.

InnoVision Español will serve businesses and brands wanting to reach the Hispanic community and Hispanic-oriented clients and companies.

An important and valuable sector of the entire country and San Diego County, the Hispanic team at InnoVision is representative of this community, which makes up a very large percentage of San Diego County.

Hispanic consumers remain an underserved demographic for many marketers. Given that the population of Hispanics in the US is 18.7% in 2020, and around 34% in San Diego, only 6% of overall industry investment is spent toward the Hispanic community, per the Hispanic Marketing Council.

“Many of our team members are either native Mexicans, Mexican Americans or from South America. Spanish is their first language. In fact, our two longest-tenured members are spearheading the new Hispanic division – Giselle Campos, our senior vice president and senior creative director and Jose Carrillo, our senior vice president and executive art director. There’s an art to marketing to the Hispanic community and Giselle and Jose not only understand it, they’ve mastered it,” says Ric Militi, CEO and Executive Creative Director of InnoVision Marketing Group.

“Marketing to any specific ethnic group is very different from marketing to the English-speaking population. Considerations must include accurate colloquial translation of the message, slang usage, improper insinuations, values and much more. Our Hispanic team at InnoVision are part of the Hispanic community, so the messaging is much more authentic,” he says.

“Growing up in a Mexican-American household, I have witnessed first-hand what it’s like to not see your culture or language represented in advertising and the impact that lack of connection can have on an audience. It is important to me to create narratives that the Hispanic market can connect with and actually make sense based on how the message is being delivered. Serving ads to the Hispanic community that have been run through Google Translate, have subtitles, or are just replicas of the English messaging is just not enough anymore. I’m so excited to bring this authenticity to the Hispanic marketing mix,” says Giselle Campos, Sr. Vice President/Sr. Creative Director of InnoVision Marketing Group.

InnoVision has been executing Hispanic campaigns for clients such as Palomar Health, Penske Automotive, Valley View Casino and Fresh Start Surgical Gifts for several years now, so formalizing the division was only a matter of time. This opens up the opportunity for the company to serve an even larger audience of thriving Hispanic businesses that make up a large part of the San Diego community and more importantly, bring them to light.

Representing brands in multiple categories including airports, automotive, fast-casual dining, food & beverage, healthcare, soft drinks, casinos, tribal government, economic development and nonprofit, the agency serves clients across the US.

About InnoVision Marketing Group

What began as an idea of a way to better service clients, has turned into a brand that stands out among the rest. InnoVision Marketing Group is a full-service, nationally recognized agency, with clients across the country, including Seattle, Los Angeles, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Phoenix, Tampa and Orlando. From branding to creative design, media buying, digital advertising, web development and SEO, video production, social advertising and management, PR and digital content, entirely everything is done in-house. Our client portfolio spans across several different industries, including casino, dining, jewelry, healthcare, lifestyle, nonprofit and more.

Since first opening in 2012, InnoVision has branched out from its humble beginnings, adding world-class clients to a growing roster that includes Valley View Casino & Hotel, Palomar Health, Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders, and more. InnoVision also offers commercial film production through Pretzel Logic Productions, a wholly owned subsidiary, creating cutting-edge commercial and internet films while embracing storytelling and the brand vision.

At the heart of everything we do, InnoVision is committed to maintaining our unique culture. Team members at InnoVision are continually empowered, inspired and supported on a daily basis, no matter their position. We work hard to ensure an environment that team members thrive and grow in. The happier our team is, the better the work we produce – something we remember every day.