Dandy opens office in Miami

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Dandy, independent communications studio with international reach and expertize in digital, design and advertising, announced opening an office in Miami, that will be its regional headquarter starting November. The new office adds to company’s operations in Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina.

Hernan Sen, CEO & Creative Chairman of Dandy.

With a talented and committed team we have been making progress in these three decades since Dandy was founded, each year with the presence in new markets in Latin America. And now we are happy to announce the opening of operations in Miami, a path that we started two years ago and today we are consolidating with active clients such as Henkel: Dial (partner Tribu), Carillon Miami – Mummy’s Yummys NY trust in our philosophy and the work we deliver every day,”

“Our essence is based on three pillars: Digital, Design and Advertising, always with a creative, curious and disruptive approach. Today with more than 45 people working we can say what Picasso once said, that everything that can be imagined is real. And at Dandy we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we appreciate art and all its forms of expression. Because the results are unique when you are inspired by a world where the impossible does not exist. And here we are, meeting our business goals and landing in Miami, thanks to our clients and the work we have been developing Sophieliciuos NY, Tennis Prime NY and Novakorp Dallas”.

Dandy has just launched its mega 360 integral campaign ‘Your house is the headquarter’ developed for Telecentro, an Argentine company with more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications market, in the framework of the World Cup in Qatar, a client with which it has been working since 2016, achieving a growth of 800%, with a 30% share and being today co-leaders of the market.

Dandy is the independent and international studio with more than 3 decades of expertise in the market, led by Hernán Sen, CEO & Creative chairman and founding partner. Sen began his career at the age of 19 at Capurro y Asociados, later participating in the merger with DPZ Propaganda of Brazil, to finally join Dandy in 1997, which developed and grew hand in hand with major clients.

They trust in the Dandy style: Unilever UK: Dove and Axe (partner Tribu), Air Canada, Wyndham Latin America and USA: Esplendor, Dazzler co-branding Art Basel, Laboratorios Roemmers and Siegfried Rhein Latin America, Grupo Petersen Argentina: Nuevo Banco de Santa Fé, Telecentro Argentina, Tienda Inglesa Uruguay, TopCret Spain (partner Tribu), Yell pages Latin America, Megatlon Argentina, Henkel USA: Dial (partner Tribu), Carillon Miami USA – Mummy’s Yummys NY USA, Sophieliciuos NJ USA, Tennis Prime NJ USA and Novakorp Dallas USA, among others.