Minio Studio has consolidated communication about Snackology in 2022 with TUC, Oreo, Milka & Philadelphia

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The unique combinations of tastes and textures between the delicious TUC snacks and Oreo and creamy Philadelphia cheese, representing various snack recipes, were a memorable success in 2021 as part of the Snackology campaign-Creează o gustare de top. Which is why Minio Studio and Mondelēz Romania and Macromex companies took Snackology to the next level last year.

Snackology – the science of the perfect snack was complemented in 2022 by two separate campaigns, the second integrating another brand highly appreciated by sweets lovers in our country, Milka.

The two integrated communication campaigns “TOP SNACK 2.0” and “FII CHEF PESTE DESERT!” were amplified in-store, in digital, in audio-visual and through brand activations, the latter representing encounters where consumers directly discovered the specially created recipes.

“The “TOP SNACK 2.0” and “FII CHEF PESTE DESERT” campaigns were two complex communication projects with 360 support. Despite their complexity, their management went smoothly, given the experience gained in previous years. Personally, it was the fifth year I was main account on Mondelēz and Macromex accounts and the fourth year of communication on the platform. We managed in a fairly short time to develop hundreds of assets for digital, organize offline events, engage influencers and at the same time be present in-store. This was due to one key element: cohesion. Within the Minio team, between the team and the client, and between the Minio team and the partners that were involved. I thank them all”, says Gabriel Băicoianu, Account Manager Minio Studio.

The projects included hundreds of creative materials, including visuals for all the chosen media: video spots, photos, texts and social media posts. 

The campaign continued the creative idea from the previous year, but made it even more attractive to consumers. The digital campaign was based on the website. This is a permanent digital platform, launched four years ago, which each campaign in this series enriches with recipes and quality content.

Whether craving something sweet or savoury, crunchy or fluffy, cheesy, fruity, meaty or even exotic, consumers can find no less than 107 easy-to-prepare recipes with TUC, Oreo and Philadelphia on the site right now.

Chef Dexter, the campaign’s main endorser, challenged foodies to create their own recipes. Nine of these were chosen as winners by a jury that included representatives from Minio Studio and Mondelēz Romania (TUC, Oreo and Milka) and Macromex (Philadelphia).

The 9 recipes were reproduced by Chef Dexter in his signature style, helping to spread the campaign message digitally.

All 9 recipes were awarded prizes and then prepared in an activation held at ParkLake Shopping Center. Thousands of consumers stopped by the TOPterie van for two days and sampled the dishes made with TUC, Oreo and Philadelphia.

The campaign also included a TV spot for the Philadelphia brand and an in-store component where consumers could win prizes based on their receipt from the purchase of any of the three products.

The second campaign promoting Snackology in 2022 was sweetened by the presence of the Milka brand alongside the three existing ones.

Chef Dexter has created 10 recipes that have inspired consumers to try out new and tasty combinations.

Ela Crăciun and Ioana Puiu also joined the campaign as influencers. The two challenged their communities to enter the game, and then the winners had a meet & greet with Ela and Ioana in a cozy and friendly space, where everyone enjoyed an impressive candy bar and a very pleasant atmosphere.

As with the first campaign of the year, “FII CHEF PESTE DESERT!” benefited from an in-store component with prizes for those who chose to enjoy Oreo, Milka and Philadelphia.

“Campaigns that promote Snackology give us the opportunity to offer our customers what we can call creativity in continuous form. In addition, the need for the marcomm industry to provide consumers with serial campaigns has been evident to me lately. Such content offers memorability and greater emotional engagement for the consumer, who becomes more attached to the story. These campaigns are creatively challenging because they need to bring something new every time, so that the flip side of the coin, consumer boredom, does not occur. It’s like a series on a streaming platform where the audience expects more from one season to the next. We will continue Snackology into 2023 because we have a lot more to offer. I want to thank the clients for their trust and support and the Minio team for the perfect management of this long-lasting project”, says Ioana Mucenic, CEO Minio Studio.

“Consistency in communication, but also in collaboration, is the recipe that ensures the success of our projects from one year to the next. In 2019, Mondelēz launched the challenge to consumers: “TU Ce pui pe TUC?”, thus starting to build the road to the concept called: Snackology. From then until now, Mondelēz together with Macromex and Minio, alongside Chef Dexter, continue to communicate and develop the concept of Snackology, the art and science of the right snack for the right moment. After 3 years of focusing on educating and providing consumers with simple and versatile snacking solutions suitable for different occasions in everyday life, in 2022 we launched the “Prepară gustarea ta de TOP” campaign which also had a competition component where consumers had the opportunity to propose recipes themselves to be included in the campaign portfolio. Thus, 9 winning recipes were recreated and tasted during the activation implemented in ParkLake Shopping Center. The interaction of consumers with the snacks proposed through the platform was continued in the “Fii Chef peste Desert” campaign, through which they tasted live sweet snacks together with their favorite influencers. Our objective is to continue to promote and strengthen the innovative concept of Snackology with our collaborators and consumers”, adds Ioana Pană, Marketing Manager Bakery Mondelēz Romania.      

“The Snackology platform, which includes the “TOP SNACK 2.0” and “FII CHEF PESTE DESERT” campaigns, was a creative challenge that we embraced with great joy. We knew we had to bring something new and innovative to the market to keep our consumers engaged! And we succeeded, the campaigns were a real success!

The 2 campaigns in 2022 were a challenge because we had to bring together sweet and savoury, biscuits, cream cheese and chocolate and a delightful experience. We thank the Minio team for the creative ideas and involvement down to the detail and to the Mondelēz team for their openness and support. I’m really excited about the perfect fit between Philadelphia, Oreo, TUC and Milka, it resonates so strongly with our consumers!

We can’t wait to surprise our consumers in 2023 with unique and innovative Snackology – branded campaigns. Stay tuned!”, says Monica Zeciu, Senior Category Manager Macromex.

Minio Studio is a strategic creative agency. Launched in 2016 by Ioana Mucenic and Paul Cotor, the agency now has a team of 21 professionals, complemented by a large ecosystem of collaborators with specific expertise. In 2020, Minio Studio was the most awarded local independent agency. In just three years, the agency has amassed over 20 awards and another 24 nominations at communications festivals. As a point of differentiation, Minio Studio is also the only agency in the region with its own integrated biometric analysis lab, which allows it to evaluate its creative from a consumer perspective.

The teams involved in the projects:

Minio Studio

Gabriel Băicoianu – Account Manager

Răzvan Sarivan – Digital Account Manager

Mihai Bălan – Senior Art Director

Max Amza – Senior DTP

Ionuț Dumitrache – DTP

Roberta Mihai – Graphic Designer

Luna Ilaria Nica – Copywriter

Marius Marin – Reputation Manager

Cristiana Pană – Head of Strategy

Ioana Mucenic – CEO

Mondelēz Romania

Ksenija Popovic – Junior Brand Manager OREO RO

Oana Petrescu – Junior Brand Manager TUC RO

Ioana Pană – Marketing Manager Bakery RO


Monica Zeciu – Senior Category Manager

Marius Popa – Junior Brand Manager