Tienda Inglese celebrated 154 yrs with “The Time Machine”

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In celebration of its 154th anniversary, Tienda Inglesa presents its new campaign, “The Time Machine,” a short film fully produced by Olga Lee, directed by Oliver Garland, creatively developed by Publicis Ímpetu.

The story revolves around a boy in the 1930s who discovers a toy at Tienda Inglesa, which later turns out to be a time machine that actually works. This discovery initiates communication with someone from his future, leading to a surprising conclusion.

This campaign is a spin-off from the multi-award-winning campaign “Mucha historia, mucho futuro” created for Tienda Inglesa two years ago, portraying the store’s story with a beautiful recreation of the city of Montevideo in the 1930s.

When a script like this emerges, we feel that art, cinema, and advertising converge. This presents us with a significant challenge that inspires us to assemble the best team to ensure an impressive outcome, leveraging all our resources and expertise. This piece is more than a TV commercial; it’s a short film or branded content of over 3 minutes,” comments Oliver Garland, Director, and Founder of Olga Lee, a production company that evolved from Dogstar Films and was awarded Best Production Company of Uruguay at El Ojo de Iberoamérica in 2021.

He further adds, “The piece undergoes meticulous narrative development and polished craft. We worked on art direction with the collaboration of Mariana Rivero, conducting research into the era and analyzing each element placed in front of the camera. We created a toy – the time machine – from the 1930s, referencing it with artificial intelligence. We designed it with Santiago Vecino, a renowned illustrator working in Hollywood for Disney and other studios.”

Olga Lee works with the aim of establishing a trademark, delivering pieces that exhibit excellence in casting, actor direction, craft, and evoke emotions, aiming to create profound narratives with layers, serving as a narrative and audiovisual journey for the audience.

Bringing forth a piece like this requires close collaboration from the client, led by Pablo Rego in marketing, the creativity of Mario Taglioretti as DGC, leading a highly talented team for Publicis Ímpetu, and a crew of Uruguay’s finest, personally committed to this beautiful story,” concludes Oliver Garland.


  • Production Company: Olga Lee
  • Director: Oliver Garland
  • Executive Producer: Mariana Gascue
  • Director of Photography: Adrián Nogueira
  • Art Director: Mariana Rivero
  • Time Machine Design: Santiago Vecino
  • Costumes: Valentina Casales
  • Sound: La Mayor Cine
  • Agency: Publicis Ímpetu
  • CCO & Partners: María José Caponi, Mario Taglioretti, Esteban Barreiro
  • ECD & Partners: Mario Taglioretti, Esteban Barreiro
  • Creative Director: Juan Ignacio Roldós
  • Creativity: Rocío Velasco, Santiago Varese, Julieta Batista
  • Account Director: Marcelo Castellanos
  • Account Executive: Valeria Romano
  • Production Manager: Carlos Huart
  • Art Direction: Santiago Varese, Juan Pablo Avegno
  • Responsible for the client: Pablo Rego, Fernanda Gómez Sosa Días

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