Samsung and Leo Burnett went guerilla in Germany with Annoying Ads

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Samsung and Leo Burnett Germany launched the guerrilla campaign “Annoying Ads” for the AI-based Object Eraser of the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.  

The campaign is primarily aimed at demonstrating the performance of the new Galaxy S24 Ultra. Therefore, Samsung hijacked Germany’s most popular photo motifs and obscured the unobstructed view of landmarks with mobile advertising posters. The huge truck billboards featured headlines such as “Don’t get annoyed by this ad. Just get rid of it.” or “This is an annoying ad for a tool that helps you remove annoying ads like this annoying ad from your photos.”

Benjamin Merkel, Executive Creative Director Leo Burnett:

“Our ‘Annoying Ads’ campaign highlights how the new Galaxy S24 Ultra is revolutionizing smartphone photography with the help of AI – with a guerrilla campaign that is just as revolutionary “

In addition to Merkel, David Unger, Dustin Kurth (both Creative Director), Rachel Lucchesi, Claudia Valencia, Merlin Meiss and Max Gehring are responsible from the creative side.

Mario Winter, Vice President Marketing at Samsung:

“With this campaign, we not only captured the most popular sights in Germany but also gained the attention of a broad target group. Entertainingly, we made them aware of the possibilities and necessity of our object eraser and showed how easily unwanted elements can be removed”.

Promo teams demonstrated the magic of the object eraser to the “photo-bombed” tourists on site, highlighting the benefits of the new Galaxy S24 Ultra. In the end, the campaign brought a lot of joy to everyone involved and left a lasting memory in people’s hearts as the first campaign to promote being removed.


  • Dennis May (CCO Publicis Groupe Germany)
  • Kristine Holzhausen (CCO Leo Burnett Germany)
  • Benjamin Merkel (Executive Creative Direction)
  • David Unger, Dustin Kuhrt (Creative Direction)
  • Claudia Valencia, Rachel Lucchesi (Art Direction)
  • Merlin Meiß, Max Gehring (Copy)
  • Martin Schürger (Senior Client Partner)
  • Ann-Katrin Hondelink (Account Management)
  • Erfan Moniri (Creative Editing)
  • Andrea Lalanda (Motion Design)
  • Jan-Bernd Ostendorf (Inhouse Producer)

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