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Knowhow share: The natural fit of content and KPIs

With the rise of Social media platforms, new and better ways appeared to distribute content. And there are not only new distribution means that appeared, but also new ways one can drive engagement….

Why Gamification as a business strategy is A Customer-Centric Approach?

With the world of around affected more and more by reviews, influencers, recommendations and other, the rise of consumers’ affected decisions is having more and more of an impact over businesses. And, in…

The complex world of Influencers made simple

Anders Holmberg Lange is the Co-Founder of Entername, a company with the core belief that strategy should be simple, understandable and evolving. Designing 360 digital campaigns and leading selected clients from digital transformation…

Anders Lange: Design thinking – why should you care?

Design thinking is up and coming, but why should you even care about that? Major brands like Nike are now using design thinking to break through the advertisement blindness. It is no longer…

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