Romanian Santa introduces video – letters!

Santa’s little tech-savvy helpers taught him how to create video responses for the letters he received. Check out and keep Santa well-informed!

If you want to help Santa create a personalised video message for your kid, a nephew, a niece, or a kid you care about and that needs to be reminded what Santa is about, check out this Christmasy form.

Even better, if you want to surprise a grown-up with some video-Christmas-spirit that would light up the email, you can event write your own script!

Santa’s helpers promise that your personalised video will be ready in a maximum of four days, so you better watch out/ you better not cry and send your info’s in due time (by December 21st).

This is how Maia’s video (age 4) looks like:

And a few of Santa’s confessions on his understanding of the internet: is a project created and launched by some grown-ups that still believe in Santa (people from and To support milk, cookies and their video-editing skills, you are encouraged to pay 9 euros for the simple video or 24 euros for a video for a grown-up (choosing this option, you can even be the script writer, if you want to). Help this awesome project grow by promoting it to your friends!

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