Oxygen becomes Huawei Mobile Romania’s agency for brand and corporate PR, social media and digital communication

The independent communication agency Oxygen was chosen, after a selection process, by Huawei Consumer Business Group, to support Huawei Mobile’s marcomm team through consultancy in corporate and brand PR, social media and digital services.

We are more than delighted to extend our partnership with Huawei, a very important and uprising player on a competitive market, with whom we will work on several communication areas. Oxygen has a large experience in developing omnichannel strategies that have as purpose creating engagement with the targeted audiences and reaching the marketing and communication objectives,” said Andreea Filip, Group Business Director Oxygen.

The results obtained so far and the fact that we are part of the region with the highest growth at a global level makes us even more ambitious to propose objectives even more ambitious. The next period is one with many projects and important launches that need unique and impactful approaches. We found in Oxygen a partner with strategic vision and creativity that can help us in the developing of the strategy on a long term,” said Alexandra Raut, Brand Manager Huawei Technologies.

Huawei and Oxygen also collaborated in the period 2016-2017.

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Romanita is Communication Consultant and journalist and, during her career, was editor in chief for the Romanian edition of Campaign and worked for Strategic.ro, Smark.ro, IQAds.ro, Ad Maker, MediaWeek, Biz publications and was also producer of “Marca Inregistrata” TV show

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