Romanians use IM to communicate

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Around 70% of the Romanians are using more than four hours a week IM services, according to a study that says the most used IM service in Romania is Windows Live. Personally, when it comes of the number of persons, I’m sure it’s true, but when is about Windows Live, I seriously doubt because a HUGE number of Romanians are using mainly YM 🙂

This way, IM services are used for keeping in touch with the family and maintain the relation with them. Besides, 25% are keeping in touch with brothers and cousins through IM, while 35% are talking to their parents and parents keep in touch with grandparents to keep “an eye” on their kids.

In what concerns the discussions on IM, 35% are about general issues, that implies also sending information and photos, 30% make video-calls, 40% are accessing IM from mobile gadgets while in holiday and 60% use it to communicate with the relatives from foreign countries.

The results were obtained during a pan-European study realized in 13 countries, including Romania, on 33.417 subjects, from teens to people over 60 years old.