Advertising goes with heat

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I mean really ­čÖé This year, the Night of Ad Fans was organized again at Sala Polivalent─â, where ads fans had a sauna spiced with advertising.

The opening of the event was the task of Shukar Collective, that brought Balcanic rhythms in a place devoured by hear, to a public that wasn’t capable of reacting otherwise but waving some Orange flags, probably more to chill down a bit than to answer the efforts of the artists on stage.

As usual, Sala Polivalent─â reserved a series of surprises to ad fans, such as an inhuman heat – because of the lack of an working air conditioning system – and dirty toilets.

Because the 13th edition of Nights of Ad Fans didn’t run in the environment promised to the organizers, the last ones said that, in the future, they will look for another location to host the event.

In what concerns the ads, there were 450 spots that were broadcasted during the night.

In a statement for Mediafax, Dan Chi┼ču, the producer of the event organized by Zero Events, expressed his frustration for the conditions offered for the event and said that, for the 7,000 euros asked to rent the location, in another part, mainly in foreign countries, there wouldn’t have been problems such as lack of an operational air conditioning systems or dirty and unusable toilets.