What did Romanians do on Facebook this week?

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Facebook is part of everybody’s life no matter if they are willing to admit it or not, that why it is interesting to see how the things are moving inside of it.

Because Eurovision music contest took place not too long ago, there isn’t much surprise about the most searched term by Romanian Facebook users. According to Romania Facebook Statistics , the most looked for term was the name of the Romanian singer that was in competition, Paula Seling.

On the other hand, the most visited Romanian user page was, this week, the one that belongs to Bobby Voicu. Bobby Voicu is a Romanian online entrepreneur with a rich portfolio of online projects and extensive expertise in online and affiliate marketing. He was Community Manager for Yahoo! Romania from April 2008 until February 2009.

The largest Facebook group created by a Romanian user is “Nu e momentul pentru Catedrala Neamului de 400 milioane euro / It’s not the moment for a Euro 400m National Cathedral”. The group was created after the announcement of the Romanian Orthodox Church that it will invest Euro 400M to build up a national cathedral.

The announcement and the initiative were very poorly timed, in the middle of the worst economical crisis that hit Romania after a very long time. The group appeared as a form of protest to an unjustified spend in times when the Church should try help people, considering Romanians are very religious and seek spiritual guidance from priests. People that joined this group – 19.800 Romanians – think that, in those times, the Church should be very involved in social projects to help the poor population.

Returning to the statistics, the most visited Romanian Facebook page this week was the one belonging to  Carturesti

On the other hand, Romania Facebook Statistics also found out that, on June 2nd, there were 154 Romanians with more than 4,000 friends, from which 41 males and 113 females.

According to eResearch Corporation, 1.3m Romanians are using Facebook, 10 times more than last year. The number of Romanian Facebook users grows monthly in a very fast peace, reaching, at the start of June, to 1.30m users, out of which 52,96% female and 47,04% male.

Demographically, the most Romanian Facebook users are in their 20s (81,000), the ones aged 21-22 (76,000 for each age group) and than the 24 years old group (68,000).

The number of young adolescents(13-14 years old) and the one of mature persons age 41-42 are almost equal, around 31,000 users.

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  • The facebook group against the Cathedral, was not started by the Romanians, but by some people who work for Soros’ NGOs. The Group was promoted by the Hungarian owned mass-media from Cluj, and because of this publicity, 4000 people from Cluj area joined it. Mostly of those 4000 being Hungarian ethnics and people who have different religious views, if any, but not Orthodox. The group started a virulent campaign against the Romanian Orthodox Church. The group is spreading lies and insults against the Romanian Orthodox Church. This facebook group do not accept any dialogue with people who have a different opinion and is blocking the comments of all those people who support the Cathedral.

  • Today the group has about 20 thousands members, but you have to know that in Romania there is a Hungarian minority of 1 milion people, not orthodox of course, and there are also other religious groups. The Romanian and the Orthodox people represent about 90% of Romania’s population, and these people are not part of this facebook group.

  • The group exists and has followers. That is all that matters, from our point of view. The reasoning behind can be presumed by anyone and everyone. Thank you for your comment.

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