Free news feeds in Romanian about World Cup 2010

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Agerpres, Romanian state-owned press agency, launched a special free feed with news and documentaries related to World Cup 2010 that has as target the specialized press and general public.

This news feed includes, daily, over 60 news and documentaries about the teams qualified for the final stages of the competition, along with presentation materials related to the 18 previous editions of the event and short presentations of cities where the matches take place. The feed will also include articles related to Romania’s evolution to the preceding World Cup editions.

The special newsfeed can be accessed from the home page of the agency –

On the other hand, the translations agency KMP Translations, where the investigative journalist Calin Cosmaciuc is director, launched a specialized blog, World Cup Media, that includes a free review with informations from international press related to the World Cup 2010. Among the monitored publications there are France Football, Gazzetta dello Sport, Financial Times, Der Spiegel, Bild and The Sun. The articles are selected, translated and adapted daily by specialized translators and a news editor with over 10 years experience in written press.

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