EFJ: Romanian media isn’t a threat for Romania’s security

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European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), the European group of the International Federation of Journalists, rejected the idea that media are a potential threat to national security in Romania, according to EFJ’s site.

We understand that , in Romania like in any other country, terrorism, crime and corruption pose a threat to the public and the government , but we are puzzled to hear that media could be added to a list of threats to public institutions (…) Media are an essential part of the democratic life; they help investigating precisely threats to the public and we hope the Romanian Presidency will realise this mistake

Arne König

EFJ President

According to EFJ’s website, The National Defence Strategy, recently initiated by the President of Romania, adopted by the Romanian Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) and submitted to the Parliament, states that media are at the heart of “orchestrated campaigns that denigrate state institutions by disseminating false information” with a view to slandering the state institutions.

Journalists’ role is to inform the public and to investigate on various issues, including potential threats to institutions, also says EFJ.

The EFJ refutes any allegations that the aim of journalists is to “orchestrate campaigns” and condemns the approach taken by the CSAT Strategy, calling on Romanian Parliament to amend the document by respecting the role of media in democracy.

According to Mediafax News Agency, Romania’s National Defense Strategy lists as weaknesses the state institutions’ reduced capacity to apply laws, press campaigns aimed to discredit state institutions, the pressure made by media groups, which is meant to influence political decisions, the reduced local and central administrative capacity, as well as the excessively politicized institutions, both at a local and at a national level.

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