Romtelecom Romania uses Okidoki as search engine

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Romtelecom Romania is using, starting July 5th,Okidoki as search engine for its internet clients, along with a new optional service: customizing the DNS error page, according to a press release published, on his blog, by Orlando Nicoara, General Manager of Apropo Media, company that developed Okidoki.

Using Okidoki search engine, the new error DNS page from Romtelecom’s internet service offers alternatives to any web address wrongly typed by internet users. Romtelecom uses this service as away to improve the online experience of its clients.

The new DNS error page is optionally accesible for all Romtelecom’s internet services clients. Although all of them can acces this service, the clients that don’t want it have the opt-out possibility, using a special Unsubscribe link that appears on the bottom of the page.

DNS – Domain Name Service – offers the possibility to access web domains by typing their names, not the IP allocated to them on the host server. The DNA error page appears when a browser can’t access the address typed by the user.

On March 31st, Romtelecom had 4.5M subscribers to its internet services. In the last couple years, Romtelecom positioned itself as a complete communications services provider and consolidated its presence on broadband internet and TV markets.

The fixed line internet service Clicknet was launched by Romtelecom in 2005 and has, nowadays, over 830,000 clients.

Okidoki is a Romanian search engine developed by Apropo Media and built to offer the best results for content written in Romanian. The search engine can be used both for instant searches and for searches on the main news sites in Romania, blogs and Twitter accounts.