Bogdan Lazar: Animation specialists in Romania are self-taught

Creativity, Digital & Media

Bogdan Lazar from Golem Studio says in Romania there are many animation specialists that work in video game and advertising industries, and adds that most of them learned how to do animation by themselves.

In a press release, Lazar says that Romanian specialist in animation is an artist that wants to make a creative and modern job using classical art notions.

According to him, Romanian specialists in animation specialized in modeling (building the virtual character), textures and shaders (coloring and establishing some parameters of the material applied on the model), rigging (the introduction of a skelet/controls to be able to animate the character), animation, lighting and rendering, composing and editing.

Bogdan Lazar is one of the most known creators of digital graphic in Romania and author of some known animations and of a game sold in Europe in 60M copies.

Golem Studio’s team realized animations for many commercials, such as Fanta, Kandia, Telcu (Romtelecom), Tuborg, etc.