Huffington Post worths $100m

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According to, the value of Huffington Post – site launched in 2005 – reached $100M.

From the start of its activity, Huffington Post continued to grow and to gain an increasing proeminence, and also forced traditional media, such as New York Times or Washington Post, to rethink their journalistic rules on producing and distributing content.

HuffPo reached, from a small site, to an organization with 6,000 unpaid bloggers and 186 paid staffers. Initially focused on politics, the site is now covering 23 verticals, including media, entertainment, sports, business, food and arts.

During its activity, the website raised a total $37M in equity financing and, after another round of financing, in December, its value reached to $100M.

According to analysts, the website will generate around $30 million in 2010. Moreover, HuffPo’s traffic increased with more than 80% in the last year.