Silviu Ispas, Romanian ABC president, in the Board of IFABC

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Silviu Ispas, president of Romanian ABC – BRAT, was elected in the Board of Directors of IFABC (International Federation of Audit Bureau of Circulation), during the General Meeting of IFABC, that took place in Seoul, from October 11th to October 13th

Silviu Ispas was elected in the Board as the representative of the countries that audit yearly under 10M copies (that include Argentina, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Korea, Mexic, Norway, Portugal and Serbia).

“It’s an honor for Romanian advertising industry and BRAT to be represented at this level in the most important international forum in media audit sector. I thank to the colleagues in the Federation for the trust they showed to BRAT and I consider that is a correct appreciation for BRAT’s efforts to professionalize the industry and also for BRAT’s development in the last 10 years. I also thank colleagues in Romania for the ambition they followed and applied all the transparency principles for performance, adopted at international level. BRAT guarantees that it will have a pro-active attitude inside the Federation, will come up with proposals for international projects to help the members of bureaus in each country and will honor the obligations that come together with such a position and responsibility”, Silviu Ispas said.

IFABC has 44 members, national associations specialized in print circulation or measuring online. Audit bureaus of circulation from all over Europe, such as Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Austia, Hungary, are represented in the Federation, but also bureaus from US, Canada, India, China, Korea, Japan, Brazil and others. BRAT is member of IFABC since 1999.

Romanian Audit Bureau of Circulation (BRAT) is an association that was formed in order  to independently measure and verify the performance of media products.

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