Romanian digital art team, in Dominance War V

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Romanian digital art team will compete this year, for the 1st time, at Dominance War V, the most important online digital art competition., the most important Romanian specialized forum, was invited to be present together with representatives from over 50 countries, including US, France, Brazil, Russia, South Coreea and China,  and over 14 online communities.

Dominance War can be considered a real Olympics of digital arts. The competition takes place anually, over the internet, and gathers together the most important online art communities, thousands of participants and an online audience of over 200 visits during the 4 months of contest.

The competition includes 3 digital art categories: 3D Character Art, Character Concept Art and Character Animation.

The contest started on November 10th and will have 2 stages, during a period of 4 months. The 1st month is dedicated to entering the contest via one of the participant forums and to enter a team.

A novelty for 2010 is allowing the participation of allied teams – 3 new communities that compete as one in Dominance War -, VisualArt being part of the Allegiance team. is the most important online community dedicated to digital art in Romania and it was created over 10 years ago.

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