Puppies and babies pull the most heartstrings when in ads

Creativity, Marketing

Puppies and babies are the ones that impress the most when they are present in commercials, according to a study realized by Harris Interactive and AdWeek.

In their quest to reach to the public, advertising agencies use humor and startling facts, but they also bet on images and themes that generate emotional response when they really want the products they promote to be successful.

According to a study made in US, the most emotional images are considered by Americans as being the ones of a puppy (41%), baby (34%), sweet old lady (3%) or sweet old man (2%). Of course, there are also people (19%) that aren’t impressed by none of the mentioned ones.

These findings are the result of a new Adweek Media/ Harris Poll, survey of 2,098 U.S. adults realized online, at the start of October.

The mentioned images appeal in different way for different people.  This way, a puppy is the best choice to generate emotions for the public, but it isn’t known yet how much these emotions drive consumers to actions.

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