10 years of Omnicom Media Group in Romania


The 1st Omnicom Inc. brand launched in Romania in 2000, with Mediaplan, an agency that was founded on the basis of the media division of TBWA Romania. That was the start of a developing process: in 2004, Mediaplan changed its name in OMD Romania, while, in 2006, the media agency  PHD was launched, following a rebranding of MediaWise.

Two years ago, in 2008, the group entered officially on Romanian market, through the local business platform  Omnicom Media Group. In the same time, OMD media agency relaunched and repositioned as the most important agency of the group.

In the last couple years, Omnicom Media Group Romania registered a fast evolution of its business: it doubled its volume, positioned OMD Romania in the area of creativity and innovation and launched 3 integrated business platforms: Digital, Fuse and Opera.

Carmen Tanasie, CEO Omnicom Media Group Romania, is content that the company reached all the goals it aimed for and developed in the right direction through planned investments in the team and infrastructure and teams’ efforts.

Marking this anniversary, the group launched, during ZileleBiz, its 1st series of media conferences, OMD Predicts.

Omnicom Media Group Romania is a 100% Omnicom Group entity. Part of the group are the “full service” media agencies OMD Romania (part of OMD Worldwide) and PHD Romania (part of PHD Worldwide) and the integrated business platforms Opera (buying), FUSE („branded content” )  and Digital. Except media, Omnicom Group is also present in Romania through the creative agencies DDB Bucharest and TBWA/Merlin Bucharest.f