IqAds launches Brand Film Festival

Branding, Marketing, Media

IqAds announced the launch of Brand Film Festival, a festival of short films created by consumers for brands.

IqAds invites to this festival the courageous brands, that still have a story to tell. Brand Film Festival (BFF) is the 1st festival in Romania in which brands give briefs to consumers to make video clips or short films.

Because most UGC contests do not focus enough on Romanians’ creative potential, IqAds is challenging brands to brief Romanians according to their creativity.

Brand Film Festival starts in April 2011, once with the publishing  of brands’ briefs on festival’s site, For 3 months, the participants (full-time or free time creatives) will create and will enter in competition the movies, to be vote in July-August. The evaluation of the works will be made by professionals and the general public.