Eliminating state TV tax = closing Romanian state TV

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Alexandru Lăzescu, CEO of Romanian State TV, said, during a debate organized on Tuesday, that eliminating the TV tax – approved by Lower Chamber of Parliament and that will be analyzed also by Senate is the equivalent of closing the Romanian State TV.

According to Lazarescu, quoted by Mediafax,the TV tax represents now around 85% of the State TV incomes.

The value of TV tax in Romania is lower than Euro 1/month/family, which means around Euro 11 per year. Romanian state TV tax is the smaller in Europe, as Germany has the highest one (Euro 216/year), followed by UK (Euro 175/year), Czech Republic (Euro 83.57), Poland and Slovakia.

The Social Democratic Party initiative, aiming to eliminate the obligation of paying a tax for State TV and that was silently adopted by Deputy Chamber, is generating protests among the media organizations.