A third of Romanian Facebook pages, created in Q4 2010

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Facebrands.ro published new information regarding Romanian Facebook pages. According to this info, almost 80% of the Romanian Facebook pages were created in 2010, a third of them in the last quarter of the year.

The creation date is available now for each Romanian Facebook page monitored by www.facebrands.ro

Out of all Romanian Facebook pages, 78.99% were created in 2010, 15.85% in 2009 and only 0.85 in 2007 and 2008.

The pages created in 2007 are Club Alpin Bacau, HiQ Romania and Anton Pann Band.

By month, September 2010 was the month with the biggest number of Facebook pages created (974,11.23%), followed by October (805 pages) and November (611).

The end of last year was the most prolific period, as 2,845 pages were created in the last quarter.

In 2011, since the start of the year to this day, 378 Facebook pages were created.

Also, according to Facebrands.ro, the number of Romanian Facebook users reached, on 16 February, to 2,89M

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