UPDATED: Romanian media, restless as usual


Restlessness is one of the characteristics Romanian journalists tend to have since the economical crisis started. A lot of them did left the profession in the last couple years, many changed the media company for which they work or engaged in fights with their employers or, as recently happened, even bothered the president.

Couple facts that help me make my case:

  • Vlad Petreanu, one of the most respected Romanian TV journalists, announced tonight, on his blog, that he resigned from Antena 3, after he worked for 13 years in the media group that owns the mentioned TV station. According to paginademedia.ro, Vlad Petreanu will go to  B1 TV, where he will produce a daily news show.
  • Raluca Moianu, that worked for Romanian State TV, is having discussions to rejoin channels’ ranks, according to Paginademedia . She works for Gold FM since 2008 and, before, she was programs director at Magic FM and worked for Romanian state TV from 2000 to 2007. Other Romanian TV journalists that came back lately to Romanian State TV are Mircea Radu, Cosmin Cernat and Adelin Petrisor.
  • TV journalists Adrian Ursu and Oana Stancu resigned today from Realitatea TV, after their show was taken off the air a week ago by TV channel’s manager, as Paginademedia and ReporterVirtual inform.
  • Oreste Teodorescu resigned today from B1TV, Reporter Virtual informs, quoting a message posted on Facebook by the journalist. The reason for Oreste’s resignation is the incompatibility with the new management. If it is to believe the rumors on the market, Simona Vărzaru a.k.a. Urania will also resign.
  • Romanian journalist Corina Dragotescu got into an argument with president Traian Basescu during a press conference, as he got irritated because the journalist addressed him a 2 question and hinted the fact that president likes disciplined women.