Alina Cranga rejoins Romanian BrandTailors


Alina Cranga rejoins BrandTailors, assuming the position of Client Service Coordinator, as the Romanian branding and design agency starting an internal process of rethinking its team structure and decision making process.

BrandTailors decided to adopt a long term human resources policy that will see people assuming positions in which they can use their qualities and potential to the full extent.

In line with this new policy, Alina Cranga returned to BrandTailors from January 1st, as Client Service Coordinator. From this position, she will coordinate the client service and project management activity of agency’s team and will take over a series of managerial attributions such as financial and juridical management, human resources and other current operational activities.

Alina Cranga joined BrandTailors in 2007, as Account Manager, a position she occupied until February 2010, when she joined Tiriac Group as marketing specialist.

On her new position, she works on developing new work processes to increase the efficiency of the execution chain and the implementation costs for company’s developed projects.

Simultaneously, the management of the agency will be extended, so more people can participate to the decision making process.

Talking about this decision making process expansion, Beatrice Danis, Managing Partner of the agency, said it is the time for “BrandTailors” baby to grow up and have his own experiences, after seven years in which she was the one to manage the entire agency.