Romanian daily Gandul turns exclusively digital starting April 8th

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Romanian daily Gandul is adopting a new business model starting April 8th, offering to its readers a complete digital experience: online, iPad and mobil.

On April 8th, the newspaper is launching its own iPad app and unveils a new version website, with multiple new functionalities and a remade layout, meant to improve users’ experience, no matter the devices used to access it. Through adopting the new business model, the newspaper makes the transition from print to the new content distribution platforms.

In Romanian mass-media, gandul is a prototype of a new business model, excursively digital, in which the quality content reaches to readers through the most modern online platforms. Online, on iPad and mobile, readers will have access to exclusive news, as the newspaper used them with, to the opinions of the most respected Romanian columnists, but also to iconographics,  photos and videos that prove the multimedia and interactivity potential the web and mobile devices have. We will continue to invest in quality content and we will convert gandul in a product of the future

Claudiu Pandaru

Editor in Chief Gandul

Among the features of the new gandul iPad app: easy navigation, option to read articles offline, share options and breaking news alert.

gandul is a Romanian daily, part of Mediafax Group.