Yahoo revamped its search service

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Yahoo revamped its Internet search service, that is now showing information from a range of areas when users type in a query.

The new service, Search Direct, is said to speed up the time it takes users to find information on the Web

Search Direct is available in the United States starting Wednesday on its main search Web page and will gradually expand to the other parts of Yahoo, including the home page. The service displays information in a pop-up box that appears and then changes in real-time as a user types in a search query.

“We have always believed that search should be simple and fun, make you smile every once in a while and be that one place you know you can depend on. We went back to the drawing boards to rethink the search experience, how we can take it to the next step, and really make search awesome”, Ethan Batraski, responible for Search Direct, said, according to Yahoo’s blog.