MobileApps Development Meetup, in Bucharest, on May 5th

Marketing, Mobile

Evensys is organizing, on May 5th, the 2nd edition of MobileApps Development Meetup, an event targeting mobile apps designers and programmers in Romania. The partner of the event is Nokia Romania.

MobileApps Development Meetup has as purpose to gather together the app developers and the ones interested to enter the mobile territory for half a day full of content and case studies, but also networking.

In the mobile world, there is a tendency to be the partisan of a certain platform, a thing that is understandable to a certain extent. The are though successful mobile apps that are constructed to work on multiple platforms, which opens them the way to more users

Cristian Manafu

At the event there will be present representatives of local companies that made performance with their apps at international level. Also, present to the event will also be Jure Sustersic – Forum Nokia & Developer Community Business Development Manager Nokia.