Volkswagen to create “the People’s Ad”

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Volkswagen – “the People’s Car” – is working with its fans to create the third installment of the recently launched “Drive Until…” campaign for the Golf.

The idea is get fans involved through Facebook, letting them be a part of the creative and production process in real time. The initiative not only helps the fans create the kind of spot they’d like to see, it also gives people a glimpse “under the hood” to see the process involved in making a television ad.

The first two advertisements in the series follow a man, in his early 30s, as he takes two very important steps in his life. The ads are “Courage” and “Time”.

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[youtube 7yZ7lCufiDc nolink]

In order to complete the trilogy, Volkswagen Canada asks fans what the next chapter in the “Drive Until…” series should be. Volkswagen and Red Urban will work with the fans to generate the script, make decisions on actors, music and a number of other key decisions.

While the idea of crowd-sourcing has been around for a while (…) the Drive Until… project encourages a different form of fan participation. We’re not simply asking people to submit an idea that we then produce, we’re extending the creative partnership we have with Volkswagen to our fans. Not only is it a really interesting thing to participate in, it democratizes the process in a way that really fits with the Volkswagen brand

Christina Yu

Executive Creative Director of Red Urban Canada

Volkswagen is one of the world’s largest producers of passenger cars and is Europe’s largest automaker.

Red Urban, an advertising agency in Toronto, Canada, is one of Volkswagen Canada’s Agencies of Record, and a member of the Omnicom group of companies.