Kaspersky study: 53% of companies ban the use of social media

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According to a study realized by Kaspersky and quoted by Refresh.ro and wall-street.ro,companies restrict their activities online as many of the employees lack knowledge about IT security threats.

This way, 57% of organizations agreed that use of social media by employees implies significant risks. 53% of companies have banned these kinds of services for end users, and a further 19% restricted access in some way.

Social networking is the second most restricted activity, with the most restricted being file sharing; then comes video streaming, instant messaging, personal e-mail, and VoIP.

Those restrictions are most frequently applied in larger corporations. File sharing and social networking are also regarded by IT staff as the most potentially dangerous end user activities.

On the other hand, the security of mobile devices represents a new issue for businesses, with 55% of the companies reporting they are much more concerned about this subject than they were a year ago.