A&D Pharma’s corporate site, signed by Senior Interactive

Creativity, Digital & Media, Marketing

Senior Interactive made the corporate site for A&D Pharma, a project that was complex both in terms of creation and development.

The website is localized for 7 different countries and languages, to support the specific business needs of A&D Pharma Group. During the development, a special focus was on the international development line A&D Pharma Marketing & Sales, active in Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary and that expands in Central and Eastern Europe.

The graphic concept of the ite – Moving forward to support life – supports, visuallt, company’s values, focused on life and health.

What we wanted from this site was mainly a creative concept that will support brand’s values and the business needs of A&D Pharma Group, a concept that would appeal to different categories of stakeholders: our present and future colleagues, NGOs, journalists, partners, patients etc. We think we managed to create an online interface that is both pleasant and creative and functional and flexible, able to reflect in real time company’s dynamics. The proactive attitude of Senior Interactive’s team and the close relation agency-client were key elements for this project’s success

Veronica Burlacu

PR Manager A&D Pharma.

www.adpharma.com was a project (…) with a complex implementation. Our creative concept was immediately liked, but the challenges consisted in a complex implementation for extremely different content, that answers the needs of many countries in the same time. It was an technical effort of integration with the systems used by the company and we managed to do it together. The result is an instrument of simultaneous communication with 7 countries, in 7 different languages, customizable, manageable and with a special design

Dana Cucos

Senior Account Manager Senior Interactive

Senior Interactive’s team working on the project included Vasile Alboiu – Creative Director, Eleodor Ghenoiu – Senior Strategic Planner, Alina Ciocarlie – Art Director, Andrei Orcula – Art Director, Marius Matei – Copywriter, Daniel Pisica – Web Designer, Alexandru Vaduva – Senior PHP Developer , Teo Onicel – Senior AS Developer, Dana Cucos – Senior Account Manager, Adrian Chirila – Senior Project Manager, and Radu Naghel – Project Manager.

A&D Pharma’s team included Veronica Burlacu – PR Manager, Radu Horia – Programmer and Bogdan Dumitrescu – IT Director.